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Locksmith Poncey-Highland often called by local police to help secure local residents homes and businesses - we also offer security upgrade of all your locks with high security locks for extra peace of mine.

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After burglary repairs

If you are a victims of burglary, our Poncey-Highland locksmith can repair damage caused to locks, doors, windows & frames. Our Locksmith can be with you within 20-40 minutes (at emergencies in most cases) to make the necessary repairs, and also change locks to better security standards if needed.

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Experts’ Poncey-Highland locksmith - Whatever the damage is, we can assist with light damage by changing the locks, and where greater damage caused - such as a need for door replacement, we often provide boarding up service to secure the property and return with new door to fit our customer’s requirements.

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Home Burglary Facts & Solutions

Most burglaries do not happen at night time.

More often burglaries occurred between 12-4pm and night time burglaries between 10pm & 6am which accounts to about 17% of all burglaries. Burglars know that they will draw less attention walking around neighborhoods or apartment complex during the day versus at night, and since most people are at work during the day, leaving them free to enter in and out of a homes uninterrupted.

Safety Tips:

Make sure you keep your doors locked when you’re in or out of your home, especially if you’re working in the back, napping, or doing anything else that makes it hard for burglars to tell you’re at home.

Secure your home with good security system, many are available for DIY lovers, but if you’re in need of help? contact your local security company including us for advice and solutions.

Often people say it only happens to other people, our advice act now so you are not one of those other people. Saving on locks is one of the top reason why burglars can enter your home in less than a minute, therefore make sure you have top high security locks installed on every entry door to your property, this alone makes burglar give up and walk away as they know they don’t have the time to deal with those kind of secure locks.

We are here to advise the best solution for all your security requirements.

Additional locations we cover, our locksmiths are based in Poncey-Highland, including the follownig locations and when your local lockamith is busy, one of our locksmiths from the following locations can attend your needs. We therefore can allocated one of our professional locksmith to your property in 20-30 minutes from your call.